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NAIOP Wisconsin is proud to celebrate the great work of our members at the Chapter Annual Meeting.  Our awards recognize individuals for their service to the Chapter and industry, as well as development that contributes to building thriving communities.

Starting in 2022, Chapter members will help recognize that work by nominating a peer to receive one of seven chapter awards, including two new ones.  Each of our awards will be member-nominated and judged by a panel of Chapter Past Presidents.  Award winners are listed below!

2023 Nominations are now open below!

Nominations are due by 5pm Friday, November 17, 2023.

Each year NAIOP Wisconsin recognizes a Principal Member of the Year and an Associate Member of the Year, recognizing members that go above and beyond to promote the chapter to members, non-members, and the real estate industry; actively participate and lead in chapter activities; and positively represent NAIOP in their professional roles.  The Chapter also recognizes a Development of the Year, a project lead by a NAIOP Wisconsin Principal Member that exemplifies the Chapter mission. Additionally, NAIOP Wisconsin also recognizes a Developing Leader of the Year and a Mike Mooney Award recipient.

Principal of the Year

Associate of the Year

Development of the Year

adamson prin

Brian Adamson, ICAP Development

Development of the Year


Ascent, New Land Enterprises

hoffman associate

Jeff Hoffman, The Boerke Company

Developing Leader of the Year


Bryan Johnsen, Tri City National Bank


Community Impact - Children's Hospital Forest Home Clinic, ICAP Development

Mike Mooney Award


Jim Villa, NAIOP Wisconsin

NAIOP Wisconsin
Thrive Award

The all-new NAIOP Wisconsin Thrive Award celebrates a project, company, government official (or entity), or individual contributor that is dedicated to building thriving communities through real estate investments. The award may recognize achievements in community impact, green building practices, sustainability, business ethics, employee culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion, or philanthropic, public policy, and/or economic development endeavors in the community.


Que El-Amin, Scott Crawford Development


Physicians Realty Trust, MKE CRE Program

NAIOP Wisconsin
Developing Leaders All Star Program Recipients

First Time Recognition:

  • Brandon Frey - Physicians Realty Trust
  • Sam Gauger - Colliers International 
  • Liam Moreland - Westbury Bank
  • Maggie Pinnt - Hunzinger Construction 
  • Vanessa Antoniewski - Physicians Realty Trust 
  • Phil Rasmussen - Vizance
  • Joe Schmidt - Tri City National Bank 
  • Erik Wahlgren - Physicians Realty Trust 
  • J. Cody Ziegler - Cushman & Wakefield- Boerke

Third Time Recognition:

  • Carolyn Crivello - Ice Miller LLP 
  • Alexandra Don - Antonopoulos Legal Group 
  • Kyle Fink - Colliers International 
  • Matt Friedman - PARADIGM Real Estate
  • Jake Wilson - Chicago Title

Fifth Time Recognition:

  • Danielle Fadel - Amundsen Davis LLC 
  • Shaun Geracie - ICAP Development

NAIOP Wisconsin
Outgoing President 2022

liza romans

2022 NAIOP Wisconsin President, Liza Romans, alongside incoming President, Bailey Copeland

Photo Credit: Nolan Eckstrom, Mortske Media (

Hunt, Andy
Carole Schaeffer

Michael Riopel
Northwestern Mutual
2021 Principal Member of the Year

Andrew Hunt
Marquette University Center for Real Estate
2021 Associate Member of the Year

Carole Schaeffer
Friede & Associates
2021 Trailblazer Award

Principal of the Year Honorees

2021 - Michael Riopel, Northwestern Mutual
2020 - Stewart Wangard, Wangard
2019 - Michael Testa, Ogden Real Estate
2018 - Bailey Copeland, VJS Development
2017 - Rick Stoll, Harmoniq Residential
2016 - Nate Franke, Zilber Property Group
2015 - Leslie Scherrer Pella, PSG, Inc.

Leadership Award Honorees

2010 - Jerry Franke, Franke Development Advisors
2010 - Mark Irgens, Irgens

Achievement Award Honoree

2013 - Shawn Cavin, First American Title

Associate of the Year Honorees

2021 - Andrew Hunt, Marquette University Center for Real Estate
2020 - Nich Bandoch, Tri City National Bank
2019 - Joe Dundon, Vizance
2018 - Bryan Johnsen, Tri City National Bank
2017 - Derek Taylor, Husch Blackwell
2016 - Deborah Tomczyk, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
2015 - Jason Korb, Korb + Associates
2014 - Heather Turner Loth, EUA
2013 - Josh Neudorfer, The Sigma Group
2012 - Heidi Price, HP Administration
2011 - Gregg Thompson, Bukacek Construction
2010 - Pat Finger, V & F Roofing & Consulting Service

Mike Mooney Award Honorees

2018 - Deborah Tomczyk, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
2016 - Richard Lincoln, Lincoln & Associates
2015 - Christine Korjenek, NAIOP Wisconsin
2010 - Mike Mooney, MLG Capital


Trailblazer Award Honorees

2021 - Carole Schaeffer, Friede & Associates
2018 - Shawn Cavin, First American Title

Rising Star Honorees - Principal Members

2014 - Burton Metz, Wangard
2013 - Jerad Prostaskey, ICAP Development
2012 - Bailey Copeland, VJS Development
2011 - Brian Adamson, ICAP Development
2010 - Jeff Whipple, Interstate Partners

Rising Star Honorees - Associate Members

2015 - Joe Dundon, Vizance
2014 - Liza Romans, Northwestern Mutual
2013 - Andrew Hunt, Marquette University Center for Real Estate
2012 - Robert Habich, Davis Kuelthau, s.c.
2011 - Brandon Schulta, First American Title