NAIOP Developing Leaders

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NAIOP’s exclusive Developing Leader program is the catalyst you’ve been looking for to propel your career to the next level.  With our special membership rate, members age 35 or under are given an incredible opportunity to grow their careers, network with key players in the industry, and access to educational and professional development opportunities.

Locally, the Developing Leader Committee has developed the All Star Program to recognize and celebrate the outstanding young professionals in commercial real estate development in Wisconsin.


The program offers extensive opportunities for learning and professional development, and to be recognized throughout the year by the Chapter.

The Developing Leader All Star Program offers Developing Leaders an opportunity to expand their commercial real estate industry knowledge and network.  The program is designed with professionals from all aspects of the industry in mind. The program includes exciting and rewarding opportunities to learn and grow, and to be recognized.

All Star Honorees will have successfully completed work in all three required areas:


Professional Development (complete one)

  1. Attend a minimum of two Chapter Developing Leader educational programs annually.

  2. Serve on a NAIOP Corporate Developing Leader Forum.


Mentoring (complete two)

  1. Participate in the Chapter Developing Leader Mentorship Program.

  2. Serve as a mentor to a university student.


Chapter/Industry Involvement (complete two)

  1. Serve on a Chapter Member Committee.

  2. Attend Government Day.

  3. Publish Chapter/Corporate web content and/or letter to the editor (industry or public policy related issue).

  4. Contribute to CoRE PAC.


Developing Leaders that are members of NAIOP in good standing will be recognized for their accomplishments the first, third, and fifth time they successfully complete the program requirements.  


Additionally, Developing Leaders, beginning in 2020, may also submit an application for Chapter Developing Leader of the Year.  Candidates will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. NAIOP Wisconsin DL All Star Status - candidates for DL of the Year must have achieved at least a third level All Star status by the time the award is presented (which may be after the time the application is submitted).

  2. NAIOP Leadership - has the candidate served on, or as a Chapter Committee Co-Chair, been a member of a NAIOP Corporate Forum, led a Chapter planning (event) sub committee or (issue) task force, etc.

  3. Professional Achievements.

  4. Community Contributions.


Application Process

All Star Program: Interested Developing Leader members in good standing may apply by completing this registration no later than May 15, 2020.  Mentors will be assigned to Developing Leaders based on order of registration and could be limited.  

Developing Leader of the Year

Individuals wishing to be considered for this recognition should submit a letter of application and any desired supporting materials to the Chapter at by October 30, 2020. 


* No applicant will be denied access to the program for financial reasons.  Individuals wishing to apply for a scholarship for the All Star Program registration fee should contact Jim Villa at 414-622-0006 or